Former Fil-Am NBA player Raymond Townsend celebrates Golden State Warriors win

by Tj Manotoc, ABS-CBN News

SAN FRANCISCO — In among the millions of fans of the Golden State Warriors who are happy and proud to see their team win back to back titles, one of them of is a former Warrior himself, Raymond Townsend.

The Warriors easily got through the finals via a 4-0 sweep, but before that, they experienced a handful of losses in the playoffs and as well as many injuries and challenges in the regular season.

According to former Warrior and the first Filipino American NBA player, Townsend, Coach Steve Kerr is the key to the Warriors’ success this year.

“Steve Kerr is a great coach. I’ve always admired him as a player. He’s got players that love, respect, and honor him. They honor the game.”

Townsend also celebrated somewhat of a double-win in the finals his former team became the champions, but he also saw a kababayan who got to play in the playoffs and reached the finals for the first time: Jordan Clarkson of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Aside from Clarkson, Philippine fans are only a few years away from waiting for another Filipino American to make it into the NBA.

Jalen Romande Green, who recently visited the Philippines, with a Fil-Am team in the NBTC tournament — Green is the number one ranked sophomore player in the whole America, and according to Townsend he would easily be one of the topics in the NBA when it’s his time.

But Townsend has some sound advice for green that he feels should be taken to heart.

“I think it’s very very important for him to embrace it, because not only is it our kababayan heritage, but it sparks something inside a lot of young Filipinos who are watching him.”

Townsend advises the many young Pinoy hopefuls to never give up on their dreams and continue to work hard to reach their goals.


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