Foreign ministers meet to discuss North Korea security threat

by Marieton Pacheco, ABS-CBN News

Foreign Ministers from the US, Canada and many other countries met in Vancouver to discuss security threats in the Korean Peninsula, as they look for a diplomatic end to the problem.

But some fear, the results may do more harm than good.

Canada is worried over North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs…and it is not alone.

Foreign ministers from 20 countries led by the United States and Canada met in Vancouver Tuesday, in a show of solidarity against North Korea’s dangerous actions.

But instead of pushing for dialogue, the countries have called for more sanctions.

“Because of the escalation of the problem in the Korean peninsula…testing their bombs, they’re way ahead of schedule in the event of nuclear weapons so its a growing concern for all the countries,” said Jose Montales. “What we need to do is to make sure that these sanctions are enforced so that DPRK would feel the sanctions, and realize that better option is for them to seek peace and come back to the negotiating table.”

Russia and China, however, did not attend the meeting described as a gathering of coalition countries that sent troops in the Korean War before.

This women’s coalition of peace advocates also believe the US’ gathering support to put more pressure on North Korea is not a good sign.

“That is not going to de-escalate tensions in the Korean Peninsula,” said Christine Ahn. “Sanctions is not diplomacy, isolating North Korea is not diplomacy. The message were seeing from this meeting is not encouraging for us. We’re gravely disappointed by the missed opportunity.”

Usec Montales shared highlights of the meeting with the Filipino community in Vancouver.

Kababayans meantime give their take on why the threat is real.

“In terms of the broader community in terms of peace and stability in the region, from the Fil community there’s also the proximity from Korea to the Philippines so that really resonates with the community here,” said Mable Elmore.


Aside from peace and security, an estimated 70,000 Pinoys are also in Korea today.

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