For the Donaire family, martial arts runs in the family

LAS VEGAS — After a victory in San Antonio, Texas, Nonito “the Filipino Flash” Donaire is in between fights as he gears up for another match in January of next year.

But besides training, Donaire also uses this time to take on another role, stepping outside of the ring to let another player take the spotlight: Jarel Donaire, his 4-year-old son, and a developing a taekwondo player.

“It’s incredible feeling to see that my son is starting to do that at the same time ni nerbyus pa rin ako kahit alam ko na bata pa sila just to be in the atmostphere in that environment at the same time ninerbyus pa rin ako,” he said.

While a bit camera shy, Jarel transforms once he’s in sport. When asked if he gets hurt when he sees his son in competition, Nonito says that it’s all about teaching training and defense at a young age.

“You have to accept where you are taking your kids or wherever it is that is in front of you kase pag hindi mo ina accept di mo mabibigay lahat ng support mo sa kanya, so for him to see na confident ako na ku confident din siya.”

Nonito adds that seeing his son’s interest in martial arts is a no brainer because of genetics — Donaire being a boxer and his wife Rachel, a black belt in taekwondo.

“It’s intense because its something that I grew up with, its a passion its a family art so to see him so excited to want to compete is exciting for me its a bonding experience of course we dont push him to do anything that he doesnt want to so,” Rachel said. “I think it will be great if he wanted to do an Olympic style and aim for the Olympics but then again, I never wanted to push him.” [b-roll cover this with jarel fighting]

Whether its boxing or martial arts, for the Donaires what is important is for their kids to have fun and enjoy their childhood growing up.

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