Fly through Los Angeles traffic on the FLOAT plane

LOS ANGELES — With commuters in the Los Angeles region stuck in their cars for 102 hours in 2017, Inrix has named LA traffic as the worst in the world for 2018.

America’s second largest city, where 84 percent of workers chose to drive, has held this title six years straight.

If only there was a way to go around the traffic — maybe even fly over it.

This is the FLOAT plane, possibly the future of may be the future of commuting.

Flyover all the traffic, or FLOAT for short, takes these small 10 passenger planes, that float from airport to airport.

It’s an idea from Fil-Am tech entrepreneur Arnel Guiang.

Float would offer subscriptions, and target companies that may be interested in shuttling employees from one region to another.

Using some of the two dozen municipal airports spread throughout Southern California, the two-hour drive from bracket friend in La Verne to Santa Monica’s municipal airport has now been reduced to about 15 minutes.

Hopping on and off is simple, and doesn’t require TSA screenings.

But inside, its buckle up and airplane mode, while commuters can look at coworkers crawling through the freeways.

“Float plans to be up and flying by the middle of this year,” said Rob McKinney. “If all flies smoothly, it hopes to eventually expand into places like Northern California.”

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