Mexico Beach, Florida neighborhood destroyed in wake of Hurricane Michael

MEXICO BEACH, FL — This is what’s left of what was once the scenic coastal community of Mexico Beach.

Once beautiful homes overlooking the ocean are decimated, after Hurricane Michael made landfall on Wednesday, packing winds of 155 miles per hour — just shy of a category 5 hurricane.

Before rebuilding, authorities are currently more focused on finding survivors.

Despite Mexico Beach’s inaccessible roadways and bridges, search and rescue crews are going to door to door.

The death toll from Hurricane Michael has jumped to at least 13 and authorities expect that number to continue to rise.

Thousands of national guard troops and emergency workers are helping those who made it out alive.

Governor Rick Scott has activated the Florida disaster fund to provide financial support to those impacted by Hurricane Michael.

Fil-Am Dr. Jennifer Zimmerman, who’s running for Congress in Florida’s first congressional district, which includes parts of the panhandle, is spearheading relief drive efforts to collect water, food and other supplies.

Community and church groups, some led by Filipinos, are also stepping up, particularly in clean up efforts.

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