Florida governor signs controversial law banning sanctuary cities

Florida is taking its immigration matters into its own hands.

On Friday, Florida governor Ron DeSantis fulfilled a major campaign promise and signed a controversial piece of legislation into law.  The bill, SB-168, bans sanctuary cities in the Sunshine State.

“You know this bill is very simple.  If you have somebody in our possession, if the Sheriff has somebody in our possession who is here illegally committing criminal offenses, it is our state’s policy that we work with the federal government so that those individuals could be removed from our communities.  And that’s really just common sense.”

Aurora Torres Hansen has been an educator in Tallahassee for over 25 years.  She said the bill aims to fix a problem it does not have and it would end up exhausting local police departments.

“I am concerned because there are no Florida sanctuary cities to begin with. And if we do have the bill into law, it’s going to impact the local enforcement people. What are they going to do, there’s no money to do all of these things of trying to arrest people and move them to immigration people. That takes a lot of manpower and money.”

Supporters and sponsors of the bill argued that the bill is aimed to stop local governments from implementing sanctuary policies.

Republican state senator Joe Gruters said that this law is about public safety.

“This is not about illegal aliens who are here, trying to provide for their families trying to do a good job. This is about criminal illegal aliens who have broken additional laws while they’re here and only 15 percent of all illegals who are in jail that go to the process end up with one of these detainer requests.

But immigrant advocates pointed out that this bill allows law enforcement agencies to detain someone even just based on probable cause that they are violating federal immigration laws.

“And who are they going to detain? I’m an immigrant. Is it just for certain group of people? Is it just for Hispanic people? The Mexicans? Or is it for all immigrants? I’m really concerned with profiling. What if I get a ticket? I’m a citizen of the United States. They can put me in jail or they can say hey we’ll take you in. It’s a very strange bill.”

Democrats and immigration activist groups also argued that the bill could have a significant economic impact on the state.

According to a bipartisan research and advocacy organization, new American economy, undocumented immigrants pay 1.7 billion dollars in taxes each year, including more than 543 million dollars in state and local taxes.

But political experts pointed out that campaign season has started, and Florida is one of the most contested swing states.

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  • Mario
    19 June 2019 at 8:10 am - Reply

    Banning Sanctuary cities will discourage illegal alien to hide and work in your home state…This is a good law.It is JOB security for legal citizen and residence….If the minimum wage is $ 9/hr.as Restaurant worker.. an illegal alien will accept, $3/hr CASH, with free foods and take home foods. This will displace a US legal immigrant by 3 illegal alien. Sanctuary City, protect illegal alien, they can not be deported……. IF the CITY BANNED SANCTUARY CITY, Illegal has to think twice looking for a job, they know one mistake, they will be gone…… They rather move to a Sanctuary City, more opportunity for them.

  • Tiago Del Mundo
    20 June 2019 at 2:10 am - Reply

    I bet you my pocket full of penny that Hansen has been educating (advocating) for illegal immigrants, as her reaction to the anti sanctuary bill says Erik Eriksen (Florida based Security Consultant). Following the 911 terrorist attack, law enforcement agencies from various jurisdictions had joined together and shared information. Many agencies had benefitted from this information sharing program and law enforcement agencies were better than ever, that is fact says Bernardo Gomez (Retired Navy Security Guard based in Reno, Nevada).

  • Tiago Del Mundo
    21 June 2019 at 2:09 am - Reply

    According to Balitang America (2019), undocumented immigrants pay 1.7 billion dollars each year. Other than paying taxes for anything an undocumented immigrant wants to buy, how would they pay taxes? Every April, how would they file for taxes without a valid social security number? Would Tio Jose use Tia Imelda’s social security number to file?

    If Tito Boy works at a beauty parlor and is getting paid under the table $6.50 an hour, he would make enough at the end of the year to file for his taxes.