Florida Filipino business owners commit to follow safety measures, as state reports new COVID-19 cases

FLORIDA — As Florida entered phase 2 of its economic recovery plan a week ago, the Sunshine State broke its record for the highest number of coronavirus cases reported in a single day since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic.

On Thursday, Florida’s Department of Health reported almost 1,700 new COVID-19 cases — almost 20 percent higher than the previous daily high of more than 1,400.

In total, the state has reported more than 69,000 coronavirus infections with close to 2,900 deaths.

Florida Governor Ron De Santis has no plans of rolling back the state’s reopening because he said the surge in coronavirus cases is due to increased testings.

De Santis said that of the 1.3 million tests conducted, only 5.3 percent actually confirmed positive for COVID-19 — the lowest positivity rate of any state with over 5 million people.

Under phase two, bars, movie theaters, and other entertainment venues opened their business establishments at 50 percent capacity after months of being closed.

Fil-Am small business and restaurant owners shared their concerns, experiences, and how they are following protocols in innovative ways, to earn extra money.

Meanwhile, De Santis announced on Thursday that he is reopening public schools at full capacity this fall.

He said final plans on how schools will reopen rests on the hands of local leaders.

This June, schools will also be allowed to open up campuses for youth activities and summer camps.

Experts are saying it is still important to practice social distancing and take precautionary measures such as wearing masks and using hand sanitizers to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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