Flooding forces evacuation of Bay Area mobile home residents

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – A day after the San Francisco Bay Area was slammed with its strongest storm in years, some communities like this RC mobile home park in Redwood City, Calif. continue to be flooded.

Residents were advised to evacuate this area Thursday afternoon but some of them stayed because they had nowhere else to go.

Balitang America is still trying to find out if there are Filipino residents in this mobile home.

But according to some residents Balitang America spoke to, the water levels rose to about four feet.

Park manager, Maria Menchaca, told reporters she was coordinating with the Red Cross to set up shelters for her residents.

Residents of these mobile homes were evacuated as a nearby creek overflowed and engulfed the park.

Redwood City firefighters were here yesterday going door-to-door evacuating the residents but they are back here today salvaging what’s left of their belongings.

Firefighters used a pickup truck to help at least half a dozen families get out of their homes.

Then when the water started rising, firefighters used a rowboat to sail through what was once driveways to get people out of their homes.

No injuries were reported.

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