First responders, nurses, and victims of the Las Vegas shooting massacre honored

LAS VEGAS — First responders, nurses, and Las Vegas victims of the Oct. 1st massacre at the Route 91 country music festival were honored on Nov. 5.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to share with all of this for people like you and feel that support and love, because that’s what keeps us going,” said the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department captain.

The daughter of an LVMPD officer, Stacy Short, was among the over 500 people wounded country music festival on October 1, when gunman Stephen Paddock fired upon the concert crowd, killing 58 people.

A month after the shooting, Paddock’s motive is still unknown.

The LVMPD says that Paddock was losing a significant amount of his wealth because of gambling and that this is a probable contributing factor that triggered Paddock in his shooting spree.


On Sunday night, first responders came together for a night of healing, and for appreciation for the tireless work on the night of the massacre.

Nurses, firemen, police, and the paramedics were in attendance, all with stories to tell.

“We had more than enough help that night to take care of all the patients,” said RN Agnes Mejia and first responder. “We’ve got the most patients in that incident and we were able to take care of all those patients so we were just grateful with everybody.”

“It gives us inspiration to do more you know because it’s our job to help out, but sometimes when you actually get recognized it inspires you,” said responder Warren Mangio.

“Everything that we did was very concised and organized to the outlook that we were seeing it,” said Jon Dimaya.

Organizer Dr. Noel Fajardo of Las Vegas Gastroenterology, along with the Philippine consul general of Los Angeles, says that attention must be paid, and the first responders have to be recognized for the dedication they have shown.

“After the tragedy, I wanted everyone to feel that we are part of the Las Vegas community, the Filipino American community to be part of the community, and vice versa that we are here, we are here to stay, and we are all Vegas strong.”

“Itong gabi na ito para sa mga first responders they were there at a time people needed the most at they sacrifice their own personal time,” said LA Consul General Adelio Santos. “What is nice about it is our Filipino bayanihan spirit was replicated showcased tremendously, and that made us all proud.”

The first responders on the night worst mass shooting in the modern history is now being praised as heroes, and the best of humankind.

But for these Fil-Am responders, it’s about strength and resilience that united the Filipino American community for Las Vegas.

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