First blizzard of 2015 pounds East Coast; falls short of historic forecast

JERSEY CITY, NJ – Jersey City residents woke up to piles and piles of snow after winter storm Juno pounded the North East Coast.

Heavy snow and ice accumulated overnight.

In Jersey City’s Little Manila, a couple of Filipinos rushed to remove about 8 inches of snow before their rooftop gives way.

Residents here spent their morning cleaning up winter storm Juno’s mess.

But the conditions were not as bad as predicted, at least in Jersey City and in nearby New York City.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said, “We did what was necessary to keep people safe. By the way, by getting everyone off the road the sanitation department could get out there, and now we’ll get back to normal much more quickly.”

Blizzard warnings and statewide travels bans that went into effect at 11 p.m. Monday night have been lifted.

The National Weather Service says the forecasted scenario of 30 inches of snow fizzled out as the storm passed further East than anticipated.

Pinoy postal worker Freddie Templo said, “The state was really prepared. They put out early warnings and cautions for safety.”

Nevertheless it’s still a snow day for many residents, including Filipino store clerk Ramon Lagasca.

“There’s no work today. Tomorrow we’ll just call to see what time we start, but we don’t really know,” Lagasca said.

Businesses were affected as people heeded warnings to stay home.

A popular Filipino store is usually bustling with customers in the morning. But kababayans were nowhere in sight today.

Store worker Herman Bebita said, “There should be more people. No one is going out because of all the ice and bad weather.”

But the brunt of the monster storm fell in Massachusetts.

Thousands are without power.

The storm is expected to move out late Tuesday night.

Thanks to the travel ban, plows worked overnight to make streets passable and public transportation up to speed.


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