Finding Filipino cuisine in North Carolina

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — About thirty miles outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, in Mooresville, customers at Joel’s Asian Grill & Sushi are offered an extensive main menu, which features ‘beach bar’ food with a special Pinoy food menu.

“Asian Grill is best for sushi, Filipino food,” says Chef Jun Bacaldo. “We have the crispy pata, dinuguan, kare kare, and we have our favorite like halo halo.”

Owned by Joel and his wife Julie Jose, this restaurant is the only place where you can find Filipino food near and around the most populous North Carolina city.

According to the U.S. census bureau’s population estimates, there are 252,000 Asian residents in North Carolina. Filipinos make up eight percent of that Asian population.

Rosalinda Crum says she’s enjoying every bit of this restaurant meal.

A local food critic noted how Filipino food has been gaining fans, and Joel’s Asian Grill plays a part in popularizing our dishes on this side of the Carolinas.

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