FilVets keeping close watch on presidential campaigns

LOS ANGELES – The latest in a series of presidential debates takes place Tuesday night on the eve of Veterans Day. As Steve Angeles tells us, Filipino World War II veterans are keeping close watch on not only the US race but the elections in the Philippines, as well.

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  • Mario
    10 November 2015 at 6:49 pm - Reply

    FILVET has more chance with TRUMP,is leading the poll, focus on helping the veteran and wounded soldier.CARSON, 2nd in poll ratings, no mention about veterans. CRUZ,upon demand from Filvet, he delivered personally a letter of apology, Cruz mentioned, Obamacare like a Bataan Death March, which is slow death and torture to US citizen. RUBIO,low poll rating,before pro-amnesty, now anti-immigration.BUSH,low poll, like FIORINA, I think they are finished.Equality bill for FILVETs, will never happened,it is a Democrat gimmick to Filvet, American veteran first, not Filvet, giving Pinoy vets and children with citizenship is more than enough.