Filmmaker Mikhael Red talks about reaching wider audiences for his movies like ‘Dead Kids’

LOS ANGELES — Recently, the Philippine consulate and the community art group, Puro Arte, brought art and history together in a series of events.

On this night they held an artist talk with history expert Dr. Edson Cabalfin and renowned filmmaker Raymond Red.

“We have to feed other aspects of the overseas Filipino’s life and part of that is culture, and not just traditional culture,” said Ambrosio Enciso.

As the University of Cincinnati professor Cabalfin talked about architecture and the history of Filipino settlements, Red gave a quick lecture on Philippine cinema that is celebrating its 100th year.

As the Philippine Consulate celebrates art and cinema over one century, one of the country’s filmmakers is working on bigger things stateside.

Joining the festivities was Raymond Red’s son Mikhail. The father and son hosted a fire chat and film screening on Friday.

Netflix has just acquired several of Mikhail’s films for international release.

Among the chosen films was ‘Dead Kids,’ which will begin streaming on December 1st. 

For Mikhail, it means a new era of cinema, especially compared to the earlier days which his dad described — and it’s a platform they hope to elevate fellow Filipino filmmakers.

“It took some time but that has always been our philosophy and objective in making films. We always wanted to make Filipino stories but have that international buffer. So, if we can sustain the ambitious scales, ambitious budgets by also getting an audience and market outside of our country we can step up and make more daring stories and we can open doors for more Filipino filmmakers.” 

While he was in town, Mikhail was scheduled to meet with several Hollywood studios. He’s been sharing some of his trips at places like Paramount, Sony, and Warner brothers on his social media feeds.

“We’ve been setting up meetings, just to kind of introduce me to the whole studio system here. So the meetings have been going well, I still have another day of meetings tomorrow. I’m very excited because we’re meeting Blum House and A24. These are studios that do horror and they’ve seen Eerie, it’s very exciting and I hope something materializes, but it’s going to take some time. It’s my first trip to meet the studio system here, hopefully I get to work with them soon.”

While Red said he’s not expecting to make any big announcements with the Hollywood studios just yet, he has a big project sometime in December that he will talk about soon.

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