Film company fundraises to produce more work highlighting Philippine veteran history

HONOLULU, HI — Spyron-AV Manila, a filmmaking company based in the Philippines known for producing films on war history, is now raising funds to produce “Unsurrendered 3: Story of the Koga Papers and the Cebu Guerrillas.”

Through his films, Lucky Guillermo hopes to educate the public of the Filipino and Filipino American soldiers who fought during World War II.

“Our heroes are real veterans. They fought in the war. What did they have? Bravery, loyalty, heroism and love of country. Yung ang gusto, gusto kongi-pakita sa kanila that even young people, you know, contributed something during the war.” 

Guillermo and his team hope to release “Unsurrendered 3: Story of the Koga Papers and the Cebu Guerrillas” this upcoming October.

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