Filipinos welcome extended passport validity, from 5 to 10 years

A new bill is on the verge of doubling the passport validity.

The Philippine Passport Act, which extends the validity of a Philippine passport from 5 to 10 years, passed its third reading in the Senate this week.

For Filipinos in the US, the thought of a ten-year passport is appealing.

“It’s for the benefits of all the Filipinos here,” said Barbara Mainit.

The Carreon family recently moved from the United Kingdom to New Mexico. The two nurses had to drive 16 hours to get their passports renewed.

“We just arrived here at United States so we have to renew it. We move around; my wife is a nurse. Both of us are nurses,” said Gilbert Carreon. “It’s very convenient because we live in New Mexico; we have to travel 16 hours.”

While the costs are still unknown, they’d even be willing to pay extra.

Until the bill is signed and the rules are in place, for now, the Los Angeles consulate encourages passport applicants continue applying as usual.

With access to consulates as one of reasons for the extension, US-based Philippine consulates have found ways to make it easier for Filipinos to process their passports, doing regular outreach in communities far away from consulates.

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