Filipinos respond to President Trump Syrian airstrikes

by Don Tagala, ABS-CBN News


President Donald Trump’s military response to a chemical weapons attack in Syria last week has drawn praises from some of his staunch supporters in Tampa, Florida.

Trump ordered the air strikes, in response to the suspected chemical weapons attack that was blamed on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government.

“I think the US has the moral obligation to prevent it or stop it, and so I applaud the President Trump for ordering the strikes in Syria,” said Roberto Ruelo, chairman of Fil-Am political aggregation.

A few days before the chemical attack in Syria, Trump said that he does not want to be the so-called “president of the world” — instead he wants to make America his priority.

But after at least 70 people, including 10 children, died in the chemical attack – Trump said he had a change of heart and sent 59 Tomahawk cruise missile targeting an air base in Syria.

“He even said it himself na something changed in him, when he saw this gassed, maybe he has seen more picture that public didn’t know,” said Trump supporter Neil Diola. “It was awful, maybe something changed, he himself said that.”

“It’s like so much stirring in the pot, going around right now,” said Gina Flores. “There’s probably something good about him, he got elected as President.”

Meantime, US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, suggested a regime change after putting the blame on the Syrian president.

“I mean, in no way do we look at peace happening in that area with Iranian influence, in no way do we see peace in that area with Russian covering up for Assad,” said Nikki Haley. “In no way do we see peace in that area with Assad as the head of the Syrian government, and we have to make sure that we’re pushing that process, the political solution has to come together for the good of the people of Syria.

The Trump administration called the attack a “one-off” intended to deter future chemical weapons attack.

“We are asking Russia to fulfill its commitment and were asking Beshar Assad to cease the use of these weapons,” said Rex Tillerson. “Other than that, there is no change in our military posture…”

But some US lawmakers are asking Trump to do more.

“He should come up with a whole plan. You can’t just do a one-off,” said US Senator Chuck Schumer from New York. “I would be very leery of repeating Iraq’s mistakes, and putting a whole lot of troops in Syria.”

“Our strategy has not yet developed. What comes next?” asked US Senator Lindsay Graham from South Carolina. “He needs to do more to close the deal.”

“Our goal, long term, has got to work with countries around the world. We cannot do it unilaterally. We’ve got to work with countries around the world for a political solution to get rid of this guy and to finally bring peace and stability to this country which has been so decimated,” said Senator Bernie Sanders, from Vermont. “I think he has got to come to the United States Congress. I think he has got to explain to us what his long term goals are.”

As lawmakers and the public wait for Trump’s long term goals in Syria to be revealed — many are wondering if he’ll maintain his hardline stance against Assad, or if he’ll have yet another change of heart.


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  • Mario
    10 April 2017 at 5:33 pm - Reply

    According from conspiracy theories, Jared and Ivanka NY liberal Democrat convinced their father to attack Syria or else he will be impeach as Putin puppet. Trump having dinner with the President of China, mentioned to him that he just ordered missile strike in Syria.All Trumps opposition group,like the New World Order(NWO),Pelosi/Shummer from Dems Party,Neocon-McCain,Graham,US Arms industries-who takes care most of the warmongers politicians,MSM-main stream Media(CNN,MSNBC,ABC etc) became all united in support for Trump air strike.His poll rating went into the roof and he was vendicated as puppet of Putin..Two(2) weeks before the election,.Scorched Earth plan by Obama staff was implemented,thinking that Trump has chance to win.The plan is to link Russia for supporting Trump on the election which is a HOAX.Obama organized the 16 intel agency to one agency(NSA) for easy leaking of classified docs. Surveillance and unmasking will continue, Obama’s house in DC became the war room-nerve center.Three objectives to blocked, stop,obstruct all Trumps policies, for him to resign, quit and be impeached..source Evelyn Farkas MSNBS interview.