Filipinos react to Imelda Marcos documentary, “The Kingmaker”

NEW YORK — Emmy-winning director Lauren Greenfield’s latest documentary on Showtime, The Kingmaker, goes beyond the Philippines’ former first lady Imelda Marcos’ infamous 3000 pairs of shoes.

It reveals how the former beauty queen of Tacloban has earned the title — the Queen of Excess — and how she used money as a currency of power.

It also explores how Marcos used her beauty to charm some of the world’s most notorious dictators and leaders, from Saddam Hussein to Muammar Gadaffi, and even Donald Trump.

These New York Filipinos who saw The Kingmaker were impressed.

“I think it’s worth now paying more attention to forces that could possibly bring someone from the Marcos family back into the ultimate seat of power in the Philippines which is the Presidency,” said Christine De Leon.

For the former first Lady: no matter how she and her family are received internationally, she stands by this: “Perception is real, the truth is not.”

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