Filipinos react to Davao City Mayor Duterte and honesty in upcoming Philippine elections

The May 13 Philippine national election is just around the corner – and one of the hot issues being talked about today is the question: should honesty be an election issue? This following claims by presidential daughter, Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte, that honesty is not.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    12 March 2019 at 1:11 am - Reply

    Let us fact check this one…

    WHEN you claim to be a news organization worthy of your journalistic integrity, you publish news to inform people about facts, but not as part of a well-oiled black propaganda machinery aimed at bringing down a government or a candidacy.
    News organizations, from ABS-CBN to GMA-7, from Inquirer to Rappler appear to have joined Vera Files in embarking on a systematic campaign to fact-check. Ideally, there is nothing wrong with this, considering that part of media’s role is to inform the public, and this would then necessarily include exposing lies and false claims.
    However, fact-checking becomes suspect when it acquires a selective flavor, or when it is obviously aimed not at informing but to maliciously taint and destroy. It is even more problematic when this is done in the context of an election campaign.
    Rappler, for example, is so fixated on exposing the false claim that Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos, who is running for senator, has a degree from Princeton University. It appears that Rappler is not contented in posting the result of its fact-checking just once but has since almost daily reposted it in its Facebook page. It is not the act of fact-checking Ms. Marcos that is the issue here, but the act of repeatedly reposting over and over again such information. A news organization of decent pedigree would leave it up to its readers to repost news and information that it publishes.
    Rappler wants us to accord it the benefit of the doubt that it is doing this in good faith. But that would be difficult to grant when one also looks at Rappler’s record of telling the truth. No less than the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has found it to have lied about its ownership. It also now stands accused of lying about its taxes. It is problematic for Rappler to claim moral ascendancy to fact-check lies, when it keeps on sliming the government using its own bloated statistics about deaths related to the drug war. And now it has the audacity to repost over and over again the lie about a candidate against whom it has unashamedly shown to have a bias.
    For all intents and purposes, this act of repeatedly reposting its fact-checking of Ms Marcos is clear evidence that Rappler has corrupted the act of fact-checking and turned it into a dirty tactic pursuant to a partisan agenda in an election season. It has weaponized fact-checking into becoming a propaganda tool to torpedo the candidacy of Ms. Marcos instead of simply informing the public about facts.
    And Rappler is not alone in this.
    Other news organizations have gone on an overdrive to fact-check even those that people who are familiar with photoshop would readily detect as false information. For example, the Inquirer had to seriously fact-check an image shared in social media about President Duterte holding a sign urging people in Mindanao not to vote for Mar Roxas. No person who is sane would even believe the veracity of such a post since it is obviously a meme.
    As if this was not enough, GMA-7 even fact-checked what was obviously, and in fact was publicly known as a meeting of impersonators of President Duterte and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Hong Kong.
    The selectiveness is simply offensive. These fact-checkers are making it appear that the lies and misinformation are concentrated only in the DDS and the Marcoses, as the usual suspects. They let the lies and misinformation coming from Leni Robredo, the LP politicians, and their preferred political personalities go unchecked. They make it appear that making false claims is the monopoly of the pro-Duterte and pro-Marcos crowds. They do not even have the courage to fact-check Kris Aquino and her audacious claims, even as they have time to fact-check memes and satirical posts.
    And what is even worse is when the fact-checkers nitpick and twist the information if only to squeeze out a lie from a claim, or to impute malice in vague information which is made to appear as a deliberate false claim.

    Fact Checking Or Black Propaganda (Contreras 2019). Retrieved from https://www.manilatimes.

    How about fact checking this one…

    According to Tiglao, Mendoza was also the one who instructed Ombudsman Morales to purposely misinterpret Corona’s dollar accounts so that his holdings were computed to be $28 million and not just $1 m and as a reward, former President Noynoy Aquino allegedly nominated her to a UN post.

    “Remember her? She wanted to be a star witness vs Corona, but Senate president Enrile correctly told her to get out of the witness stand.It was she who coached Ombudsman Morales to deliberately misinterpret Corona’s dollar accounts (counting transactions as balances) so that his holdings were computed to be $28 million and not just $1 m.”, he exclaimed.

    Tiglao to Ex-COA Commissioner who called out Pres.Duterte: “Ang kapal nito na sasalita-salita pa ngayon,(Buendia,2018).