Filipinos proudly celebrate Canada Day

Canada celebrated the country’s 150th birthday over the weekend, with various celebrations to commemorate what being Canadian is all about.

The 150th anniversary of Canada’s confederation celebrates the decision of various provinces with diverse subcultures to come together in a united Canada.

The road to defining 150 years of Canadian identity was never smooth, but this year commemorated its failings as well as its victories.

“I’m proud as a Canadian because Canada is a land of opportunity, a land of multiculturalism, a land for people who can be want to be,” said Tony Santiago. “Canadians are very proud, very polite and very kind people, and that’s what Canada is for me.”

In Edmonton, one of the highlights of the celebration was the citizenship ceremony, held at the Alberta legislature to welcome new Canadians.

47 people received their Canadian citizenship from 20 different countries, and twenty of them are Filipinos.


For many kababayans, Canada has been a door to opportunities. For younger generations who have seen their parents strive to get a better future, life in Canada has been a source of hope.


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