Filipinos join NYC march against police brutality

NEW YORK CITY — Thousands of protesters took to the streets of New York City over the weekend to denounce police brutality.

“Rise Up October” is part of a national day of resistance against police murder and mass incarceration.

Organizers say, this year alone through September, there were 837 people killed by police — a fact that FBI director James Comey will tackle when he speaks with the nation’s top cops this week on law enforcement reform.

When it comes to mass incarcerations, there are 2.3 million people in US prisons.

The US has only 5 percent of the world’s population yet the US has 25 percent of the world’s prisoners.

Gabriela New York’s Vijou Bryant said, “I am Filipino and black, so I live the struggle of being affected by police brutality, my community as a black woman, and also the struggle of the Philippines.”

In 2013, A Filipina food sampler who was said to have behaved in a bizarre way inside a Sterling, Va. Costco was shot and killed by police.

Mhai De Leon-Scott allegedly failed to drop her weapon – a pizza knife – after she was ordered to do so.

While the fatal police shooting of the 38-year-old Filipina was said to be justified, Filipino community leaders say the shooting of De Leon-Scott was unreasonable and was an excessive use of force.

“Filipinos are also getting killed by the state,Bryant said. “So it’s all of our people, it’s black people, it’s brown people, it’s Native American people, LGBTQ people.”

But Filipinos are also on the other side of this issue.

In California’s Santa Clara County, a Fil-Am sheriff’s deputy currently stands charged with two other deputies in the deadly beating of a mentally ill inmate.

With 2016 an election year, protesters say voters can make difference and change the future of the US through their ballots.

Gabriela’s Tina Cocadiz said, “No mater who is running and who is elected, continue to put pressure to make sure that they are held accountable to end police brutality.”

To honor the victims of police brutalities, the names of those who died in the hands of police were read one by one at the Washington Square Park.

Protesters say they want to change history by inspiring those who are tired of being treated like criminals; to stand up and act to put an end to police brutality.

You may contact Don Tagala at for more information.

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  • Yellow Buster
    26 October 2015 at 8:11 pm - Reply

    According to Doctor William Gener-Med Acob (2015), Filipinos in New York are easily misled by some circumvented information by various media outlets. Some bored-lazy – misinformed teens, who’s got nothing better to do other than fiddling or fidgeting with their phones all day, would be so excited to post/re-post a compromise Youtube video. Of course, this is where the self-righteous misinformed “cliques” add their “twist” into some lack of detail news. The outcome is intriguing and highly controversial. When a police brutality case goes into court, the same group of people are feeling butt-hurt because the judge’s decision did not side in their favor. Then you have this Gabriela group (Liberal Minded, controversy-gossip driven) who’d stir the bucket just to say something negative.

  • ROD
    27 October 2015 at 10:35 pm - Reply

    I wish all the COPS in NYC will QUIT their job. And let’s see what is going to happen after.