Filipinos join “hands off Syria” protest

LOS ANGELES — Protestors hit the streets less than 24 hours after the US, the UK, and France unleashed an air strike on Syria, in response to an alleged chemical attack on its own people.

President Donald Trump has called the targeted air strikes successful, hitting targets associated with Syria’s chemical weapon making abilities.

While the US says it is locked and loaded to do it again, activists only want Syria to settle its own conflicts.

“We oppose all types of foreign intervention in these countries, because it really should be up to the people themselves to determine what is the best solution for their country,” said Bev Tang.

For Filipino activists, they believe this type of American intervention can also happen in the Philippines.

“In terms of the wars Duterte has been waging against the people, these are similar types of wars that could trigger the US to similarly say they should intervene in countries like the Philippines.”

As the crowd of activists continued to grow, a small clearly outnumbered group of counter-protestors showed their support for the president.


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