Filipinos join caravan to for immigration reform

By Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

August 14, 2013

LOS ANGELES–Immigrants and their advocates believe The road to immigration reform travels through
Bakersfield. Over a thousand immigrant rights advocates packed several buses and a hundred cars outside Dodger stadium at dawn Wednesday.

their destination is the Bakersfield office of majority whip leader congressman Kevin McCarthy.

We want him to support immigration reform and when he goes back to congress after the August recess he needs to influence speaker Boehner to put the immigration reform into a vote that’s why we are all here,” said Pilipino Workers Center executive direct Lolit Lledo.

An estimated 4000 from some 40 cities are expected to meet at the republican McCarthy’s Bakersfield office.

Immigrants like “dreamer” Anthony Ng hope to bring their stories and needs to him and other high ranking republicans.

We need to be on the front lines like during the engagement with republicans and the
different congress folks and Make sure they’re no that were here. That we are Americans,” said Ng.

Activists blame the republican controlled House of Representatives for stalling the comprehensive immigration reform bill.

Republican leaders say the House prefers to tackle immigration reform through a series of smaller bills rather than a sweeping overhaul like the senate passed last June.

Immigrant rights activists will continue mounting pressure on key congressional members throughout the country pushing for a house vote on immigration reform before their targeted October deadline.

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