Filipinos join anti-Iran war demonstration in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES — Days after U.S. forces killed Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani and deployed more troops to the Middle East, about a thousand activists hit the streets in anti-war protests.

Filipinos joined over a thousand protesters at Pershing square, peacefully marching the streets of downtown LA.

“We cannot support what Trump is doing because its a criminal act by the United States.

“We find it really important for us to show solidarity for brothers and sisters in Iran and Iraq fighting for their sovereignty fighting against imperialism and fighting against the US occupation and economic sanctions that are harming their communities.”

As Filipinos activists took to the streets, they’re comparing the U.S. involvement in the Middle East to ongoing issues in the Philippines.

“We see the US war machine also waging war in the Philippines, they have sent over $193 million U.S. tax dollars to fund the killings, to fund the heightened oppression of all of our progressive forces the drones and bombs that caused the displacement of various indigenous communities.” 

While these Filipinos took to the streets to denounce President Trump, Filipino conservatives celebrated this as an accomplishment for the president. They were at a Republican event with U.S. congressional candidate Eric Early and State Senate candidate John Moorlach.

“Totally support the president and his decisive actions. He has likely saved hundreds of thousands of Americans he’s like saved thousands, if not tens of thousands of the good and decent Iranians in Iran who have been doing whatever they can to overthrow this butcher regime,” said Eric Early.

As Iran has threatened retaliation against the US, local officials say there is no imminent danger in Southern California, but will continue to remain vigilant.

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  • Mario
    8 January 2020 at 4:26 am - Reply

    IRANIAN Dictator AYATOLLAH AL KHAMENI tweeted, US is powerless to respond to Iran attack, killing a US contractor, wounding soldiers and diplomat Said “YOU CAN NOT DO ANYTHING” taunted TRUMP. Trump tweeted “they will pay a very BIG PRICE, Happy New Year”.after 2 days he ordered Drone Air Strike killing Gen SOLEIMANI. He is the BEST unreplaceable man, charismatic leader, has the ability to conduct an OVERSEAS operation, where Iran has sent its expeditionary QUDS Forces to Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Iraq, there you will find Gen SOLEIMANI, resulted to the death of 600 US soldiers. IRAN retaliated 2 waves of missile attack on 2 US bases calling it “hard revenge” for Soleimani death. No casualties 40 missile were fired. Trump will make the announcement tomorrow. FLASHBACK: On 2018, Iran reported was able to stock up its proxy HEZBOLLAH & HAMAS, thanks OBAMA for the 70,000 missiles to kill more Jews and US troops and $150 Billion. 60% Poll American approved Trump assassination of Soleimani. If election conducted today TRUMPs will win by 60% votes.