Filipinos in Utah enduring snow storms, frigid temperatures

By Jared Bray, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

PROVO, Utah – Locked inside Mother Nature’s freezer, Filipinos in Utah are striving to endure unusually cold weather for this time of year.

During the weekend, a winter storm swept through the state, leaving many areas with near-record low temperatures and as much as two feet of snow.

For Filipino-American David Blake, the white stuff has been difficult to deal with.

“I used to like it a lot more as a kid, but now it’s just not the easiest thing to drive in,” he said.

Unlike Blake, longtime Provo resident Jeremy Armstrong enjoys the snowy conditions, even if they result in slick roads.

“It’s kind of fun to drive in,” he said. “It’s more of a challenge. It’s beautiful. I like it a lot.”

The highs for the city of Provo for the past two days were 16 and 11 degrees, respectively, while the lows were 2 and minus 6.

Because the deep freeze is supposed to stick around for a while, Blake said he’s going to keep indoors as much as possible and drink a lot of his favorite winter beverage.

“Hot chocolate. All the time. I’ll probably be stocking up on hot chocolate here soon,” he said.

As for Armstrong, he plans on staying warm by being active and doing things like shoveling his sidewalks and driveway.

“I figure it builds good muscles,” he said with a smile. “Because you’re just shoveling all the time.”

Temperatures for the Utah Valley area during this time of year are normally around 43 degrees, but local forecasters believe temperatures will be about 20 degrees colder than that for the next few days.

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