Filipinos in Tech works to employ SF Filipino community through code

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the language of computers, a series of numbers and words form codes that act as commands for computers to function.

Twitter’s Neighbornest has opened its doors to Filipino youth and adults to get their first free lesson in coding.


“Neighbornest is our family-friendly learning center here at Twitter where we have free child care and a computer lab open to our partners,” says Precious Listana.

Filipinos In Tech is a group that is mobilizing San Francisco’s SOMA Pilipinas — the city’s newest cultural district — to survive the tech boom by being part of it.


“We’re trying to prevent people from going homeless and try to help people get jobs,” says developer Ray
De Castro. “And so that’s why we use technology to help make the world a better place.”

Twitter says they were happy to have this relationship with San Francisco’s Filipino community.

“All if the things we are working on here at the Neighbornest, with having one of our core focuses in equality in tech, really ties in with what Filipinos in Tech have.”

While learning to code may be intimidating — instructors says repetition and focus will help you understand it better.

“It’s not that much different from either learning Tagalog or Japanese or Chinese or English. It’s just a way of speaking to a computer, giving them instructions on how to solve problems, or do certain tasks.”

Filipinos In Tech is currently working with other tech companies in San Francisco to provide similar opportunities for the Filipino community.


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