Filipinos in Guam react to North Korea missile threat

Filipinos working here at One Connect Guam tell us they are worried but are hoping threats of attacks from North Korea are just that, threats.

“I think the most important part is just to be prepared, to get your family a safety plan to ensure that everyone knows what to do,” said resident Jennifer Cachilla.

On Thursday, North Korea announced plans to launch four ballistic missiles over Japan and into waters around Guam.

The plan could be sent to leader Kim Jong Un for approval within a week, and it would be up to Kim whether the move is actually carried out.

By launching a salvo of four, North Korea hopes it would be harder for the United States to intercept all of the incoming missiles.

Japan and South Korea vowed a strong reaction if North Korea were to go through with the plan.

Like thousands of Filipinos who have been living in Guam, Rene Lao has heard similar threats from North Korea before.  But this recent development leaves him more concerned.

“I was just telling my friend this morning, the Homeland Security Director in Guam said the THADD missile defense system is 100 percent accurate — but when you look at US news yesterday, the missile defense system in the US, is just 50 percent accurate,” he said. “So just hearing that alone would make anyone worried, but me, I’ll just be cautious.”

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