Filipinos have a ball with naked Trump statue

Life-sized naked statues of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump popped up in a number of cities throughout the country. The group responsible for this said the statues are the embodiment of a reviled politician who should not be installed in the White House. Steve Angeles reports from Los Angeles.

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  • Mario
    20 August 2016 at 4:33 am - Reply

    If Trump will see his statue naked, in my opinion he will not be insulted and will tell you it is a work of art, more free Ads and publicity,possibly more votes for himself.Trump visited flood ravage Louisiana on Friday morning.Trump and Pence the 1st responder, toured the area with local GOP leaders and emergency officials.Louisiana goes wild on Trump and victims tearful said Thank You.Trump left Louisiana for a rally in Michigan and blasted Obama, he said “get off the golf course and get down there”.After Trump criticism Obama agrees to visit Louisiana next week.The major issues that the media is hiding on Hillary’s poor health, Secret Service whistle blower said October big surprise is coming. Secrt Servs spend 250K to upgrade 3 SUV’ into a Handivan type for HC. 59% Americans would like HC to release her medical records. She is troubled climbing stairs,they said any kind of flashes, strove lights make her dizzy and dis-oriented. She is in crisis, her health is fading fast.Will the Secret Service announced that Hillary is unfit to run and quit for health reasons.Trump 2016.

  • Amboy
    21 August 2016 at 10:59 am - Reply

    Only Trump could bring back foreign countries respect to the US…