Filipinos encourage participation at the polls, react to Trump’s plans for birthright citizenship

LOS ANGELES — President Donald Trump continued talking about his plans to use executive powers to end birthright citizenship for children born in the US to non-US citizen and undocumented immigrants.

Filipinos at this Halloween-themed “Get Out the Vote” party questioned if it is a trick, considering that birthright citizenship is protected under the US constitution.

“Ako poy Hindi na niniwala na ito mag papatuloy sa pag magiging xahirap eto sa mga familya na magkakaroon ng problema…amo anak..ito po karapatan ng mga bata,” said Ellie Cabungcal.

“How can one person just remove it was there for a reason, I can’t believe,” said Morla Baldonado. “I don’t think so, because this is the land of opportunity and its good to start with a child that will carry on the values revered in a democratic society.

This Filipina does see the benefits of ending birthright citizenship, in an effort to curb possible taxpayer burdens.

“We need to consider different sides of the coin. On the other hand, Trump only wants to protect the interest of the American people; he doesn’t want people to run through the borders, deliver welfare and ask for all this privilege — while it is difficult for taxpayers to pay taxes.”

The non-partisan Filipino American Voter Empowerment Project hopes that ongoing issues and tense political climate can “spook” voters into making their voices heard at Tuesday’s midterm elections — no matter which way they vote.

With many key issues such as immigration and seats at all levels at stake, the FVEP spent Halloween hosting a “zombie apocalypse” or Vote Party.

“If we do not educate our community we will be left behind, and we will not have a seat at the table when big decisions are being made on almost a daily basis — from city council, to county, to state legislature to federal,” said Alex DeOcampo.

“The theme is Vote or Zombie Apocalypse, because it is actually that important, right, to vote — because there’s nothing scarier than our community not voting,” said Aqui Versoza Soriano. “This year we’ve been out in the community we’ve been phone banking, we have people in the room doing the hard work, house to house, and that’s what it takes to connect our community.”

Until the final votes are cast on Tuesday, they’ll be canvassing and phone banking while explaining to voters, mostly in Los Angeles County, the different issues at stake in the elections.

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  • Kuya
    2 November 2018 at 2:27 pm - Reply

    Yan ang dapat ipaliwanag ng mga immigration lawyers natin na nakakaintindi ng batas na ipaiiral ni Pres Trump…

  • Mario
    2 November 2018 at 4:18 pm - Reply

    25-35 Million illegal alien in the US, 10% of baby born DAILY are children of illegal Alien. Born BEFORE the Trump exec order are US CITIZEN.. but AFTER Trump signed the Birthrigth EXEC ORD, all child born from illegal alien and tourist MOTHER, they will NOT be US citizen anymore, called ANCHOR BABY, in my opinion, wording in our constitution says; “Illegal Alien is NOT subject to the jurisdiction of the USA.” Let the SC decide. OBAMA, a constitutional lawyer knew that DACA is unconstitutional still signed exec order, and let the legislature to decide, until now nothing happened.TRUMP COPIED Obama strategy on DACA, Trump birthright, is signed NOW and have it implemented and let the legislature debate to decide then SCourt will make the final decision later. This will discourage pregnant Tourist, illegal alien who cross the border to come here in the US. Most Pinoys approved Trump Anchor bay law because 90% Pinoys immigrants fall in line and waited 5-15 years to come in to US. This will win votes for GOP.

  • Myles
    5 November 2018 at 12:28 am - Reply

    Tama yan. Sumunod kayo sa batas at wala kayong kailan ikatakot