Filipino’s convicted murderer is a no-show on sentencing day

SAN DIEGO — The 5-year-old case of the Marine convicted of murdering a Filipino Army Reservist continues to drag on after a bizarre turn of events in a courtroom.

A sentencing five years in the making will just have to wait a couple months longer.

In a courtroom twist, Kevin Coset, the former Marine convicted in murdering Army reservist Alvin Bulaoro in December  2012, refused to leave his jail cell, and did not show up to his sentencing.

Throughout the proceedings, Coset was shuffling in and out of the mental
institute, hiring and firing lawyers, before ultimately representing himself and entering a plea deal one hour into the jury trial last month.

The plea deal dropped a special circumstances allegation for using a gun and a knife in Bulaoro’s murder which would have given him a maximum sentence of life in prison without parole, with the plea deal he now faces 51-years-to life.

In January 2013, Bulaoro was found dead in his car in a Fallbrook parking lot, after being missing for two weeks.

Surveillance video, phone records, and credit card transactions led investigators to Coset, and his diary in where he admitted to killing Bulaoro, who was later identified as gay.

The two are believed to have met online in late December, and after a series of text messages they ended up going to a Fallbrook motel room, where investigators say Coset stabbed Bulaoro 44 times and shot him twice before wrapping him up in a sleeping bag.

On the eve of his sentencing, the 27-year-old Cosey had attempted to withdraw his plea deal, but was denied.

He then refused to leave his cell on Friday morning, never making it to the courtroom for his scheduled arraignment.

His actions the victim’s friends and family who prepared statements disappointed and confused.

The sentencing is now delayed to June 15th.

From now until the sentencing date, the courts will also explore the possibility of forcible extracting coset from his cell. in the event he again refuses to appear at his next court date.

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