Filipinos celebrate Los Angeles Rams victory to SuperBowl

LOS ANGELES — It only took 3 years since the rams came back to Los Angeles, and now SuperBowl fever is back in La La Land.

Some 8,000 fans flocked to the LA stadium construction site for a SuperBowl send off before the team heads to Atlanta.

At the fan rally, Filipino fans came in support to send off the hometown team.

The sports-crazed Los Angeles had been without an NFL team since the 90s, but with the return of the Rams and a new stadium on the way, young Rams fans are filled with excitement.

Fans got to hear from the star players themselves, ready to bring a super bowl title back to LA

While the Rams fans had to rally on a construction site, 35,000 fans filled up Gillette stadium in Boston to give the new england patriots their send off rally.

Both the Rams and Patriots have a rich Filipino history.

Rams great Roman Gabriel was one of the top quarterbacks in his era, winning MVP in 1969.

A recent push has been made to get him into the pro football fall of fame.

All pro linebacker Tedi Bruschi, who is now an ESPN analyst, was one of the leaders of the Patriots dynasty, winning three SuperBowls with Tom Brady.

As the excitement builds up in the rally, more excitement will build up leading to Super Sunday, the city and fans are hoping the Rams can bring back the trophy to their yet to be built stadium.

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