Filipinos among DAPL Protests

by Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN News 

LOS ANGELES — Protestors were back on the streets, taking a stand against President Donald Trump’s latest move on clearing the road for construction of the the Dakota Access Pipeline project.

Activists say the oil pipeline’s construction can threaten neighboring Native American tribes.

“We drink the same water…also as indigenous people, it’s one tribe for everyone. If we don’t stand up who will,” said Fil-Am Ken Navarro.

 “Land has been stolen from these people,” said Amy Chu. “Whether it’s in the US in the Philippines — it’s important to stand up together.” 

Former President Barack Obama stopped pipeline operations during his term, but Trump has now allowed the construction to continue. 

A day after Army engineers said it will continue construction at Standing Rock, activists took a stand at the US Army Corps of Engineers’ Los Angeles office.

“There’s no treaty that have ever been honored by the United States for our people,” said  Gray Wolf, from the Native American movement of Southern California. “I expected this. Trump was the first President that said ‘I don’t like Native people, I’m going to make them suffer,” and that’s exactly what he’s doing.”

Despite the turn of events, the construction is being challenged in the courts.

“An injunction was filed and is being heard by the courts — and it has not stopped any current action at this time. Tribes are actively pursuing that, so are the big green groups. There are multiple injunctions that have been filed, multiple court cases that are in the works,” said activist Aldo Seoane at the protest.

The protests were enough to affect business ties.

The city of Seattle has already voted to divest from Wells Fargo bank — one of lenders of the DAPL project. 

 As protests continue coasts to coast, some activists plan on making the trek to North Dakota, ready to once again take a stand at ground zero.  


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  • Mario
    10 February 2017 at 2:28 pm - Reply

    Another FAKE NEWS” Gray Wolf said ” Trump was the first President that said ” I dont like native people, I am going to make them suffer”… a President will say that.? We won you lose, stop crying go over it..Obama approved this pipeline based on environmental study, but he stop the construction ..Warren Buffet the richest man in the World is a close friend of Obama and major donors for Democrat Party, he monopolized the train container load delivery of oil from Canada to different US refineries.Trump spend his own money during the election, he does not owes anybody.48,000 jobs will be created and the pipeline has a capacity of 500K barrel a day. America consume 6-7 Million barrel a day. Under Trump watch it will be open oil and Natural Gas drilling and want America to be energy oil independent after or before 4 years..