Filipino delegation hopes to make a case at Peru Climate Change Summit

OAKLAND, Calif. – A year after Typhoon Yolanda, the Philippines continues to rebuild and prepare for future natural disasters.

One of the factors blamed for the disaster is climate change.

Now, a Filipino delegation joins representatives from 190 countries to the United Nations Climate Change Summit in Lima, Peru.

Their call: create new limits for greenhouse gases that are already changing climate patterns and making life more difficult around the world.

One Filipino from Quezon City is on his way to Peru but first he is making stops in the United States to educate kababayans about the seriousness of climate change.

Gerry Arences, the national coordinator for the Philippine Movement for Climate Justice, has spent the last year battling the effect of climate change.

He says the poor will suffer the most due to the inability to produce crops.

“It’s clearly imperative for the world leaders to act quickly and more radically in raising emissions on their targets,” said Arences, “because it would mean survival and adoptions of nations such as Filipinos.”

Arances says that basic solutions like reusable energy and forest conservation have been blocked in recent climate smuts because of the influence of corporations.

Filipinos in the US and in the Philippines are continuing to call for temporary protection status a year after Typhoon Yolanda.

Arances says that the Aquino government must do more to persuade the US government in granting TPS.

“If politicians and government officials don’t want to act based on science and the demands of the people, we need to put that action into our hands,” said Arances. “We need to force them. It’s time to reclaim that space, that power that is basically from the people and for the people.”

Arances hopes that nations like the US will be able to share new techniques to protect crops and technology to predict weather.

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