By Don Tagala, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Jan. 7, 2014

JERSEY CITY, NJ – A Polar Vortex is a circulation of strong, upper level winds that normally surround the North Pole.

While these winds normally keep the bitter cold air locked in the Arctic region, at certain times the vortex becomes distorted, leading to major cold air outbreaks that have now spread throughout the Northern United States.

Nearly half of the U.S. has plunged into a record deep freeze – with temperatures of zero or below.

From Monday’s high 50s, Jersey City’s temperature dropped to 10 degrees Fahrenheit this morning – and the wind chill factor makes it even feel like minus 7 degrees.

Jersey City resident Roberto Luna said, “It’s so cold. I feel like I’m buried in ice.”

Peter Tuazon said, “To stay warm, we wear thick socks, thick jackets. And we need to cover our ears and faces.”

“My face hurt because of the cold, especially that it’s windy,” Francisca Rivera added.

For store workers like Juanilio Corbelia, the brutally cold weather makes it even harder for him to do his job.

“It’s hard because I can barely move,” he reasoned.

It’s a slow day for many Filipino restaurants in Jersey City’s Little Manila.

Restaurant Chef Violeta Manalili said, “A lot of our customers, especially the older ones, don’t go out of their homes.”

For retired seniors like Gene Ligon, she said stocking weeks worth of non-perishable food is a must – especially when the wicked weather could cause power outages.

Ligon said, “You need to have enough so you don’t go hungry.”

Some Filipino owned businesses decided to shut down operations because of the extreme cold weather.

This Filipino restaurant server came to work only to find out that his restaurant is closed for the day.

Brian Sarayba said, “I knew the temperature dropped but I didn’t think it would be closed for the day. But it’s understandable, because it’s really cold.”

Filipino nurse Eileen Santos gave a practical advice for Filipinos feeling the effects of the weather phenomenon called Polar Vortex distortion.

Santos concluded, “If it’s not really necessary for you to go out, don’t go out.”

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  • Peter
    7 January 2014 at 7:56 pm - Reply

    This is global cooling, then, once the sun shines, it will result to melting of the ice (global warming). Global cooling + Global warming = Climate Change. Climate change is a CYCLE..NOT MAN-MADE. it is not cause by SUV’s. According to Paleontologist the Earth is 65 Million years old, before 18th Century there were already 5 climate changes, I was the sun that causes the melting of the Ice, On beginning of 18th Century Industrial revolution started, that is the beginning of Carbon emission from the engines. The Global warming scammers wanted to imposed Carbon Taxes.

  • Vanhecke
    8 January 2014 at 5:28 am - Reply

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