Filipino WWII vets, advocates anticipate Pope’s help in their causes

LOS ANGELES – Pope Francis may have been six-years-old and on the other side of the globe during World War II but for Filipino World War II veterans they believe that the Holy Father can help their cause.

“I know he could help,” said Bernie Ganon of Fil-Am Service Group Inc. “A word from our Pope would be a help to the community and to the politicians to invite them to help the struggles of the Filipino World War II veterans – not only the Filipinos but all of the veterans who fought for America.

The pope is expected to talk about immigration issues with Congress while in Washington D.C.

For the elderly veterans the stalled immigration reform bill of 2013 included one specific provision: family reunification, which would expedite their family petitions.

“That’s what we like with the Pope because is he’s pushing for family reunification,” said Arturo Garcia of Justice for Fil-Am Veterans. “Remember the immigration bill has been dead in the U.S. Congress.

“Our focus, our goal is not to have war because if you observe what happens after ever war there’s always a poverty,” said Ganon. “There’s always a suffering of the people. Hopefully the Pope can try to convince the leaders that if ever they could avoid any war and to protect the humanity from harm.”

While some are optimistic that the pope can inspire the fight for veteran’s equity some understand that the Pope may not be able to go into details about the veteran’s struggle.

“I don’t think he has no idea about veterans,” said World War II veteran Franco Arcebal. “He will talk only probably about war but nothing to do with issues about relation between the Philippines and the United States. He will be talking about the poor, everything in general.”

But as Catholics the Pope and his upcoming visit remains an inspiration and a source of hope for aged war heroes who continue to fight for justice to this day.

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  • kikaypang0
    23 September 2015 at 6:59 am - Reply

    Hallucinating Fil. Vets
    Trying to influence the Pope to pull along of their fraudulent claim.
    Desperate people do desperate act.