Filipino who mailed pipe bombs to Democrat targets says his intention was to “intimidate and scare”

A major development in the case of Fil-Am Cesar Sayoc, known as the MAGA bomber, who sent pipe bombs to Trump critics just weeks before the 2018 midterm elections.

Less than two days after he pleaded guilty, Sayoc wrote the judge a letter saying he was misunderstood at his guilty plea.

On Tuesday, the 57-year old Florida Pinoy’s March 23rd handwritten letter to U.S. District Judge Jed S. Rakoff was made public. Sayoc wrote that his intention was only to “intimidate and scare.”

He explained, “what started out as hoax, decoys, devices were not meant to work or could have worked, hurt or harm anyone.”

Sayoc added that he is “forever sincerely in remorse and extremely sorry” for what happened.

Sayoc, who reportedly saw Trump as a father figure, pleaded guilty to sending bombs to 16 Democratic targets, including former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. None of the bombs detonated.

In court, the judge asked Sayoc if he knew the devices would hurt anyone. In his letter, Sayoc said his laywer told him to say yes.

He said he didn’t have a full understanding of what to say — that he answered under extreme emotional circumstances.

Sayoc could face up to life in prison. The judge has given prosecutors and defense lawyers a week to comment – on whether Sayoc’s letter will impact his guilty plea.

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  • Mario
    4 April 2019 at 5:23 pm - Reply

    SAYOC one of the many Thousand or million MAGA fanatics.He attended Trump election rally, promised Jobs, Jobs, saw 25K people while HC rally has max of 2K attendees.His lunchwagon business flourished catering the Native-American tribes. Sayoc idolized Trump when most if his customers from welfare to having jobs. Record shows from Jan-March there was an increase on GUN sale, buyers are mostly are Democrats.Reason is they anticipated the MULLER Report will come out in favor for Democrat,and HClinton will be declare as Legal President.And MAGA 60M followers will never accept it, might end up to bloody retalliation possibly civil war. Knowing that MULLER was a former FBI Dir.worked for HC,signed security Clearance for the sale of URANIUM ONE to Russia. And Muller was surrounded with 9 HC lawyers.Dems said it will be a SLAM DUNK decision but came out a Funeral for the Democrat. Trump should have been charge for cheating the election with the aid of foreign Gov’r which TREASON. Wait for TRUMP counter punch.