Filipino voters protest election fraud, illegal campaigning, faulty overseas voting system

Filipino Americans here say they want accountability for what they are calling a “dirty and corrupt” midterm election in the Philippines.

These protesters cite reported election fraud, illegal campaigning, the broken voting machines among their grievances in the 2019 elections.

Others cite how the delay in receiving ballots or the irregularities of how people received ballots were reasons for protest.

“April 13 is the deadline for all ballots to be mailed to the voters. It took them two weeks before they even started voting,” said Ago Pedalizo, Fil-Am Human Rights Alliance. “So clearly this is a disenfranchised of the voters, we have lost the right to vote. As I said before, ballots delayed is ballots denied.”

Activists say these delays was a concentrated effort to ensure that allies of President Rodrigo Duterte won their senatorial seats.

Prior to the protest — consul general Henry Besurto Jr. says he welcomes their demonstration and plans to be as transparent as possible.

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