Filipino voters prepare for November midterms in battleground states

GLENMOORE, PA — Campaigns are heating up across the U.S. for this midterm election, especially in battleground states like in Pennsylvania. Candidates know how important it is to get their votes out.

On November 6th, most analysts believe, Pennsylvania voters will play a major role. A re-drawn congressional map could possibly help Democrats win three to five seats in Congress, narrowing the number of house seats the party must win to gain control of the house of representatives.

Republican congressional candidate Pearl Kim is hoping these Filipino Americans will look beyond party affiliation and vote for her.

“I’ve been able to show this ability to work across the aisle for the common good. And I think that resonates with a lot of people especially in this particular climate when everything is so partisan and so politicized and working for the people gets lost.”

Some in this group feel a bit more forgiving when it comes to national issues and electing a president.

According to an exit poll done by the Asian American Legal Defense Fund after the 2016 presidential election, 22 percent of Asian American voters surveyed from 56 cities said that the economy was the factor that influenced their vote.

It also showed that Filipinos are the second largest group of Asians that voted for Donald Trump for president, with 27 percent.

But if the Democrats succeed in winning the majority in the house and Senate on November 6th, those promises might be even harder to achieve.

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