Filipino voter turn out in New Jersey primaries: “every vote is a symbol of a person’s voice”

JERSEY CITY — Voters slowly trickled in at the Moose Lodge polling center, as polls opened as early as 6 AM in New Jersey.

Registered Republican Gine Ramos says every vote counts in this primary, and in the coming November midterm elections.

In a recent Quinnipiac University poll — 70 percent of Democrats say they will vote for a midterm candidate who plans to impeach President Donald Trump, while 84 percent of Republicans say they will oppose candidates who are for Trump’s impeachment.

Ramos says her vote today is a vote of confidence for the President.

Former drug CEO and Republican primary candidate for Senator, Bob Hugin, is spending millions to unseat incumbent Democratic Senator Bob Menendez in the blue state of New Jersey.

While this is only a primary, Hugin has already launched a campaign ad attacking Menendez, who faced trial last year on alleged corruption charges.

Menendez was previously indicted by Obama’s justice department taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in improper gifts and campaign contributions —  but the case against Menendez was dropped after the jury failed to agree on a verdict.


Menendez is running for a third term in the Senate.


These Filipinos came out to cast their vote for the renomination of the Democratic candidate.

Jersey City council president Rolando Lavarro says the outcome of the midterm election depends on the voter’s engagement and involvement.

“Turnout is critical — strong turn out, Democrats win, progressive values win, working families win.”

“It’s always important because every vote counts, every vote is a symbol of a person’s voice,” says Isabelita Zulueta.

It has been a quiet morning for many of these polling places but poll volunteers say they are expecting more residents will cast their votes after work hours — before the polls close at 8 pm.


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