Filipino Voter Empowerment Project shifts focus towards the census

LOS ANGELES — The Filipino Voter Empowerment Project celebrated Election Day.

The non-partisan FVEP spent the past few month canvassing, encouraging Filipinos in the Los Angeles area to turn up for the midterm elections.

“We’ve made over 16,000 calls and door knocks we made contacts with thousands of individuals, Filipinos to remind them to vote and to help them to know that their voice is important in this election, and we’re ending off with an election day party,” said Aqui Soriano Versoza. “So we’re celebrating democracy and the whole process.

This project has long-term goals insight.

Historically, Filipinos in the area where FVEP did most of their outreach. Only about 4,000 of the 16,000 registered Filipino voters showed up in the 2014 midterm elections.

When the 2018 statistics comes out, they will use data from the Filipino voter turn out to identify trends and needs in the community.

“We’ll able to look at how Filipinos voted in terms of candidates and also in terms of propositions so that we know what issues people care about. We’re also going to be able to go back not during the elections period, and talk to those voters, to see what are the issues that we can survey what are the issues most important to people.”

Next up for the program is another national issue that hopes to give Filipinos strength by numbers: the US census.

“We’re looking at the census because it’s really important that the Filipino community is counted, so as we start to reach out and get better lists of who’s in the Filipino community, we want to make sure we also work with the census to make sure that we’re counted.”

The census — which counts the number of people living in the country — helps determine congressional representation, as well as the disbursement of funding.

It also narrows down the population by age gender and ethnicity.


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