Filipino victim of New Jersey plane crash remembered for big dreams

CARLSTADT, NJ — This is what’s left from the fiery plane crash that killed 33-year-old Jeffrey Alino of Union, New Jersey.

Alino was the co-pilot of a private learjet that went down in an industrial area near Teterboro Airport in Carlstadt on Monday.

The pilot — who has not been identified, also died in the crash. No one on the ground was injured.

The plane’s last recorded communication with air traffic control shows no indication that the pilots were losing control as they prepared to land.


Alino’s family and friends are mourning his sudden death.

Alino’s friend, Brian Dashiell, doesn’t want to believe that his friend is already gone.

“When I saw the news report and I saw that it was him, it was just breaking. Breaking numbness, and that’s my friend. I’m gonna miss him,” said friend Brian Dashiell.

Dashiell says Alino was proud to be a pilot, and always talked about how much he loved flying.

“He had a dream: get a house and a place where he could pull up the plane next to the house.”

There are no plans yet for Alino’s memorial service and funeral, as his family awaits the medical examiner to release his remains.

A Bergen County official tells us that it might take some time before the medical examiner can positively identify the second victim in the crash, the pilot.

Meanwhile, the NTSB says it hopes to release a preliminary report on the cause of this crash next week.



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