Filipino talents come together for Canada’s multi-cultural virtual celebration ‘All For One’

CANADA — Filipino Canadian talents come together in a multi-cultural virtual celebration, ‘All For One.’

While the online celebration showed Filipino talents in the arts, Philippine ambassador to Canada Petronila Garcia said the community’s contribution to Canada is present in many sectors across the country, especially this time of the pandemic.

“As Canada continues to battle COVID 19 pandemic, we are also proud to see countless Filipinos working in the frontlines, keeping their communities safe and healthy.”

In between performances, the two and a half hour celebration was also a testimony on what it means for Filipinos to live in a country as diverse as Canada.

“By embracing different cultures and exploring, we learn that the world becomes much more interesting, much more authentic and becomes way more fun.”

“I’m proud to be Canadian because of the opportunities this nation provides for us to take the steps we need to become the ideal versions of ourselves.”

Former Hotdog band member Mon Toralba composed a song just for the event, titled “All For One,” and performed by different Fil-Canadian artists.

The celebration also featured guest performances from Kiana V, Moira Dela Torre, and Inigo Pascual.

Despite the pandemic, “All For One” showed how the community gathered for a much bigger and meaningful event this year to celebrate Filipinos in Canada.

And in true kapamilya fashion, the show ended with a collaboration of Fil-Canadian artists singing what’s truly important– “Just Love.”

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