Filipino skincare company asks for human trafficking case to be dismissed

The latest on an alleged human trafficking case in Los Angeles, in where the victim claims she was enslaved and used as a guinea pig for their home-based skin care business.

Lawyers for Marlon and Nelle-Ann Velonza have asked the courts to dismiss.

Their filings claim that the Velonza’s, who own Etta’s International Cosmetics, never subjected Edelynne Bergado to debt slavery and that Bergado’s human trafficking claim lacked facts.

It went on to say the allegations were distasteful and the Velonzas, along with several other co-defendants are expecting full vindication.

Last December, Bergado filed a civil lawsuit against the Velonzas.

The lawsuit says she was brought from the Philippines in the US and forced her to work for now pay.

It also claims that aside from domestic work, Bergado was used to test the skin care products, resulting in some health issues.

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