Filipino SF Gay Men’s choir member death onstage

Members of the San Francisco gay men’s chorus are in mourning — after their fellow choir member, a 39-year old Filipino named Ryan Nunez, died onstage during intermission of a performance Friday night.

Nunez was part of production entitled Paradise Found, being held at Herbst Theater in San Francisco, when he collapsed in one of the risers and suddenly died.

Other chorus members took turns performing CPR on Nunez, until the paramedics arrived…but he died within the hour.

Nunez was a singer in the chorus and also functioned as administrative coordinator.

The san francisco gay men’s chorus released a statement on Facebook, saying, “no one loved the group more” than Nunez.

They described him as their “voice to the world, someone filled with humor and warmth, who took care of everyone.”

A GoFundMe account — with a goal of $20,000 — has been set up to help Nunez’ family with funeral expenses.



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