Filipino sexual assault victims share experiences at #MeToo rally

HOLLYWOOD, CA — Whether it’s Hollywood, politics, or even everyday life, Filipina women are taking a stand against sexual violence.

To many, the Hollywood walk of fame is a who’s who of the entertainment industry.

But to sexual assault victims, it represents a long growing list of violators.

Hundreds took to the streets of Hollywood for a #MeToo rally.

In light of a series of entertainment industry sex scandals, the hashtag #MeToo has become a battle cry as more women are coming out to share their traumatic experiences, including some of producer Harvey Weinstein’s accusers.

“We want to uplift those voices that may be marginalized and say this doesn’t only impact people in Hollywood. This doesn’t only impact people in academia it impacts everyday women,” said Ivy Quicho, an organizer from AF3IRM. “And everyday perpetrators are often people we know. Not just this big wig public people in positions of power.”

For activist Ivy Quicho, victims don’t only come from the entertainment or political worlds. Quicho’s abuser was an uncle.

But no matter who the assailant is, for many women, the hardest part is coming out.

“I individually have been a survivor of child sexual abuse, also of rape, when I was in high school. On a personal level, I’m here because I want to share my story with other survivors and tell them they’re worth it. For me personally what’s been central to my healing has been my organizing with AF3IRM.”

And now may be a time for more victims to ban together and empower each other.

Statistics show that sexual assault attempts have happened to one in six every women.

Studies show that sexual violence can have long-term effects — from PTSD to drug abuse and even suicide — but whether it’s in this protest or online, coming forward and sharing their stories has helped in the healing process.

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