Filipino residents affected by AZ wildfire

By Fleur Magbanua-Mansur, ABS CBN North America Bureau

July 2, 2013

Phoenix – ‘Kababayans’ from Congress, Arizona were alarmed when smoke coming from the Yarnell wildfire almost covered their neighborhood earlier this week. The fire started Friday when lightning struck a hill causing three separate wildfires–none of which have been contained.

“Parang nakakatakot, pero sa ngayon, ok lang kasi yung hangin di papunta sa bahay namin,” said resident May Monett.

“It looked like it was going to come down and it didn’t. The wind changed and went back up and the whole mountain was lit up with fire,” her husband Jim described.

Some are not taking any chances. The Magistrado family is preparing to leave for Phoenix even as their house sits low on the Sonoran desert and the possibility of the fire reaching their community is remote.

”Yarnell is 7 miles away from here pero malakas ang wind yesterday. Yung concern is yung smoke,” Mylene Magistrado said, “I just packed some clothes for the kids just in case we need to go to Phoenix area.”

The blaze remains uncontrolled. It has claimed the lives of 19 firefighters- the deadliest since 9/11.

“It’s really sad because they’re trying to do their job trying to help other people. They are true heroes,” Magistrado said.

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