Filipino Republicans hold “summer of conservatism” event, celebrating Trump’s presidency

GARDEN GROVE, CA — Filipino Republicans gathered to celebrate President Donald Trump’s accomplishments, and to call for a return to conservative values.

Over a hundred supporters gathered over the weekend for a celebration of the 45th President of the United States.

The Fil-Am led Make Cali Great Again held the “summer of conservatism” in Anaheim, CA, where Republican voices rallied support for President Trump and made the pledge to make California Republican again.

“We right now in this state is being silenced into submission by the loud voice of the left, and we feel that conservatism is so urgent and necessary here to combat that,” said Rachel Gunther. “We’re trying to reach out to the millennials and the young people and gen-Z’ers, and remind them this concept is what our culture is based on.”

They hope to encourage millennials, like Philippine-born Marc Ang, to go back to conservative values on issues from the economy to health care and immigration.


“There’s real desire and need for conservatives, especially young conservatives to congregate and actually say, I’m tired of these safe spaces, I’m tired of my liberally peers basically derailing conversation because they feel they can’t hear another point of view,” said Ang.

This convention comes as the President wrapped up the G-20 summit in Germany, amidst investigations into Trump’s alleged Russian ties.


“He looked comfortable dealing with these world leaders, I didn’t see too many gaffes on his part or questionable behavior,” said Gunther. “They looked like they were all getting along, and hopefully some business was taken care of especially with China and Putin.”

Prominent conservative voices and social media influencers took turns addressing the crowd on a number of issues, from immigration to healthcare.

While Ang admits that the president may sometimes tweet out some controversial tweets, he believes it’s necessary in this technologically-driven era.

“Because of his ability to not be so scripted and presidential, he actually connects with more people because he’s coming from the heart… so I would never want him to stop tweeting.”

Gunther says she plans to make this into an annual event — and while these loyal Republicans met over the weekend, the Democrats also held a summer resistance rally with Southern California Democratic lawmakers.

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