Filipino nurses rally for Robin Hood Tax

SAN FRANCISCO – “To steal from the rich and give to the poor” was the goal of the heroic archer in English folklore – Robin Hood.

However in modern times that same mission is used in the fight for more opportunities for the community.

For these members of the National Nurses United, which represents some 185,000 nurses from California to Florida, it’s about their fight for better healthcare.

Filipino nurses were among dozens of nurses who rallied in front of San Francisco City Hall recently in support of the Robin Hood Tax.

They support this levy on financial transactions and taxing top banks, investment firms and other corporations because they say this would generate as much as $350 billion.

And the nurses say the money can be used to help the community, particularly their patients who cannot afford healthcare.

“Working in the hospitals or the clinics, we have patients that simply have hardly enough money to pay for their rent; therefore, some of them would lose medical insurance,” said Lady Rainsard, RN.

“Right now there is an income inequality and housing shortage and who is being affected? They are the elderly,” said Kharessa Marcos, RN. “Their earnings and pensions are limited. So if they do not have enough income then they do not have enough for health care.”

Opponents of the Robin Hood Tax say this could lead to the loss of many jobs in the financial sector.

Also, according to a 2010 article from The Guardian, the United States Chamber of Commerce says the tax could double the cost of certain financial transactions and could cause the Dow Jones industrial average to fall by 12.5 percent.

However advocates for the Robin Hood tax say that the rich should not complain about a tax they can afford.

“The only people who benefit are the people with money,” said Marcos. “You cannot give assistance to the people if you cannot help yourself. The robin hood tax is just really giving help to people who really need it.”

Numerous political leaders have expressed their support to the Robin Hood Tax including democratic candidate Senator Bernie Sanders who is very vocal about implementing the tax if elected.

Sanders has been officially endorsed by the National Nurses United.

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