Pinoy nurses join two-day strike over Ebola concerns

SAN FRANCISCO – These nurses on strike have a message: they want health professionals across the country and around the world to stand together in solidarity so that they can efficiently treat future Ebola patients without the risk of harming themselves or their loved ones.

The nurses are saying that Kaiser has more than enough money to provide them with the equipment, training, and personnel needed to safely treat patients.

“Kaiser just needs to listen to the nurses that we’re here for the patients and not for profit, said Filipino registered nurse Lady Rainsard. “We are 18,000 nurses strong and I think we are doing it and we will win for our patients.”

The nurses say that they need full-body hazmat suits that leaves no skin exposed or unprotected. They also request a more extensive training when treating an Ebola patient.

“We wouldn’t mind taking care of Ebola patients. We just want to make sure that we have the proper precautions to make it so we could take care of the patient as well as not be a healthcare risk to others,” said Filipino registered nurse Jeff Silao.

In a statement found on Kaiser’s website, the hospital is saying that they are disappointed that the nurses chose to walk out on their patients.

Kaiser says that are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of their staff in the event of treating a patient with Ebola.

Kaiser says that they have an Ebola command center to help with the coordination of training, supplies, and problem solving,

The nurses said they informed management 10 days in advance so that the hospitals may find adequate staff to care for their patients. The nurses also said they did not neglect their patients because they informed them why they are striking and that it can help more patients in the future.

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