Filipino nurse survives battle with COVID-19, loses 100-year old mother to deadly virus

LAS VEGAS, NV —  Cesar Noel Estillore, a Fil-Am nurse from Las Vegas, is among more than 5,400 people in Clark County who got infected with COVID-19.

Estillore recalled how he was possibly exposed to the deadly virus.

On March 25, Estillore tested positive for COVID-19. He suffered from high fever and had trouble breathing. He was admitted to a local hospital and was intubated for 3 weeks.

He said he fought hard to live.

“The only thing I thought about is my son. I said to myself. I’ll be doing this for the sake of my son.”

But while Estillore battled for his life in the intensive care unit, his own 100-year-old mother had also tested positive for COVID-19.

She died on April 10th.

Estillore said he only found out about his mom’s death on April 28th.

“At that time nobody was telling me that my mom died. It’s only that I could read in between the lines: who is taking care of mom right now, and there was 3 to 5-second pause and that I knew. And actually, I did not cry. I told my sister. I’m ready. Although deep inside me, it hurt. But I told her I’m happy for her because there’s no more pain. She is 100 years old she lived her life to the fullest and she gave me a lot of things.”

As Estillore tries to gains his strength back and fully recover from COVID-19, he said he is thankful for all of his friends and relatives who have helped him and his family during these most difficult times.

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