Filipino migrant workers march for labor rights and equality

NEW YORK — Hundreds of workers and activists took to the streets in New York City for the annual international labor day protest.

They are demanding for an increase in wages and protection from labor exploitation.

For these Filipino migrant workers, they say they are marching in solidarity with the thousands of workers in the Philippines, who also marched on May Day.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines — protesters marched towards the gates leading to Malacanang.

As they burned a giant Duterte effigy to send the president a message: fulfill his campaign promise of ending short-term contract employment and increase the minimum wage from $5 to $10 a day, to $13 dollars a day.

One marcher, Mike Legaspi, says there is no better way to send the president a message than by exercising their right to vote in the May 13th Philippine midterm elections.

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